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Milestone Robotic Surgery

May 29, 2024
Gastrointestinal cancer surgeons at the UC San Francisco have performed the health system’s 15,000th robotically assisted minimally invasive surgery, making it the first University of California health center to reach this milestone. UCSF Health has the busiest robotic surgery program in the UC health system and...
Native American Learners Forge Strong Connections with Heritage at UCSF

May 20, 2024
Many modern day Native Americans in the U.S. have multiple roots, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. That lived experience often leaves them looking for a way to strengthen or even rebuild a connection with that Indigenous lineage in an authentic way, part of what Kyle Lakatos, MD, MPP, MSc, calls a “reconnection...
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News Release
April 22, 2024
Dr. Fiedler joins a unique network of experts and leaders to help inform the Bush Institute’s policy work Amy G. Fiedler, MD, Assistant Professor of Cardiac Surgery at UCSF has been named to the George W. Bush Institute Advisory Council to help advance the Bush Institute’s policy recommendations centered on...
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April 05, 2024
When hand surgeon Scott Hansen, MD, operates on patients, he uses miniature surgical instruments, a fraction of the usual size, and relies on an operating microscope to see the tiny stitches he uses to connect blood vessels and nerves as small as a pencil tip. If that isn’t stressful enough, he’s often called on...

UCSF Department of Surgery
March 18, 2024
The UCSF Department of Surgery is delighted to introduce our new General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Integrated Vascular Surgery residents! We are proud to welcome this exceptional, diverse group of future surgeons to UCSF Surgery and congratulate each new intern for matching into our programs. We are excited to...
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UCSF Department of Surgery
March 11, 2024
The UCSF Department of Surgery would like to congratulate Dr. Joyce Trompeta as being selected as a Fulbright U.S. Scholar in Japan for 2024-2025 Dr. Joyce Trompeta, Associate Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, Department of Surgery / School of Medicine, has received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar...
Dr. Campbell news story

December 04, 2023
When elected officials issue proclamations and commendations celebrating your illustrious career, it’s typically a time to take stock with retirement on the horizon. But not for UCSF trauma surgeon Andre Campbell, MD — and he wants to make sure everyone knows it. “This is not a retirement party. I still have stuff...