University of California San Francisco

Wallace Terry Md
Wallace I. Terry, MD

Former Chair
UCSF Department of Surgery


    Wallace I. Terry, MD, another California native, became chair in 1912 when the Medical Depart- ment was renamed the UC College of Medicine. By 1915, the college was officially designated the UC Medi- cal School. In a tragic reflection of that time, the last Yahi Indian was found starving in Oroville, Calif. He eventually was brought to live at the UC Museum of Anthropology at Par- nassus, where he was named “Ishi,” the Yahi word for “man.” Univer- sity of California surgeon and outdoorsman Saxton Pope, MD, (Figure 3A) became his physician and close friend, shooting bows and

    arrows with him in Golden Gate Park and learning the skills of game hunting. Pope, who became an ex- pert in Yahi culture, later wrote a book about Ishi’s medical history and several books about archery.