University of California San Francisco

Jackson Camille Vascular 2022

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Vascular Surgeon
Highland Hospital in the East Bay


    Dr. Camille Jackson, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will soon join the UCSF Department of Surgery as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery and Vascular Surgeon based at Highland Hospital in the East Bay. Dr. Jackson earned a bachelor's degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. After that, she attended graduate school at the University of Florida and earned her MPH degree. She worked as a research coordinator at the Institute of Child Health Policy at the University of Florida and then attended Meharry Medical College in Nashville for medical school. 

    Dr. Jackson moved to the Bay Area for her general surgery residency at UCSF East Bay and then joined the UCSF Vascular Surgery team as a clinical fellow in 2021, continuing her stay at UCSF. Dr. Jackson has never wavered in her dedication to serving her community and improving health outcomes since she began her medical career. By providing compassionate and culturally competent healthcare to socioeconomically disadvantaged populations, she hopes to address and reduce health disparities. She also plans to teach and lead the next generation of academic surgeons. Her attention to the teaching world started early, having worked as a tutor and teaching assistant for anatomy and biochemistry classes while in medical school. During her residency, she eventually rose to become an administrative chief and enters the final phase of her vascular surgery fellowship training at UCSF.


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