University of California San Francisco

Amrita Basu large
Amrita Basu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Division of Surgical Oncology


550 16th Street, #6351
San Francisco, CA 94158
United States

    Awards & Honors

    Award Conferred By Date
    Burroughs Wellcome Fund Innovation in Regulatory Science Award 2021/2026
    Interstellar Award (New York Academy of Sciences/Japan Center for Medical Research and Development) 2019/2020
    White House Presidential Innovation Fellow 2016/2017
    Sage Bionetworks Young Investigator Award 2013


    Institution Degree Dept or School End Date
    Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Postdoctoral Fellow Computational Chemical Biology
    Cornell University B.S. Electrical Engineering
    Rockefeller University, Tri-Institutional Computational Biology Program Ph.D. Computational Biology

    Grants and Funding

    • Analyzing Patient-level Data in a Breast Cancer Clinical Trial | NCI | 2023-07-19 - 2028-07-19 | Role: Principal Investigator
    • Developing a Toxicity Framework using Patient-Reported Outcome | The Burroughs Wellcome Fund | 2021-09-01 - 2026-09-17 | Role: Principal Investigator
    • Predicting the Likelihood of Immune-related Adverse Events in Breast Cancer Patients | NIH | 2021-09-15 - 2023-08-31 | Role: Principal Investigator
    • | NIH | 2017-09-08 - 2022-08-31 | Role: Co-Investigator


    1. Concordance between patient-reported and physician-documented comorbidities and symptoms among Stage 4 breast cancer patients.
      Umashankar S, Basu A, Esserman L, Van't Veer L, Melisko ME| | View in PubMed
    2. B-cells and regulatory T-cells in the microenvironment of HER2+ breast cancer are associated with decreased survival: a real-world analysis of women with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer.
      Steenbruggen TG, Wolf DM, Campbell MJ, Sanders J, Cornelissen S, Thijssen B, Salgado RA, Yau C, O-Grady N, Basu A, Bhaskaran R, Mittempergher L, Hirst GL, Coppe JP, Kok M, Sonke GS, van 't Veer LJ, Horlings HM| | View in PubMed
    3. Computational drug repositioning for the identification of new agents to sensitize drug-resistant breast tumors across treatments and receptor subtypes.
      Yu K, Basu A, Yau C, Wolf DM, Goodarzi H, Bandyopadhyay S, Korkola JE, Hirst GL, Asare S, DeMichele A, Hylton N, Yee D, Esserman L, van 't Veer L, Sirota M| | View in PubMed
    4. Outcomes and clinicopathologic characteristics associated with disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in high-risk early stage breast cancer: the I-SPY SURMOUNT study.
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    6. Redefining breast cancer subtypes to guide treatment prioritization and maximize response: Predictive biomarkers across 10 cancer therapies.
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    7. Treatment Efficacy Score-continuous residual cancer burden-based metric to compare neoadjuvant chemotherapy efficacy between randomized trial arms in breast cancer trials.
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    8. ATRX promotes heterochromatin formation to protect cells from G-quadruplex DNA-mediated stress.
      Teng YC, Sundaresan A, O'Hara R, Gant VU, Li M, Martire S, Warshaw JN, Basu A, Banaszynski LA| | View in PubMed
    9. PRoBE the cloud toolkit: finding the best biomarkers of drug response within a breast cancer clinical trial.
      O'Grady N, Gibbs DL, Abdilleh K, Asare A, Asare S, Venters S, Brown-Swigart L, Hirst GL, Wolf D, Yau C, van 't Veer LJ, Esserman L, Basu A| | View in PubMed
    10. Incorporation of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System to assess quality of life among patients with breast cancer initiating care at an academic center.
      Matthys MB, Dempsey AM, Melisko ME, Dreher N, Che ML, Van't Veer LJ, Esserman LJ, Basu A| | View in PubMed
    11. The quality of life index: a pilot study integrating treatment efficacy and quality of life in oncology.
      Basu A, Philip EJ, Dewitt B, Hanmer J, Chattopadhyay A, Yau C, Melisko ME, Esserman LJ| | View in PubMed
    12. Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers (CI4CC): Building a Community Focused on Sharing Ideas and Best Practices to Improve Cancer Care and Patient Outcomes.
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    13. Call for Data Standardization: Lessons Learned and Recommendations in an Imaging Study.
      Basu A, Warzel D, Eftekhari A, Kirby JS, Freymann J, Knable J, Sharma A, Jacobs P| | View in PubMed
    14. RWEN: response-weighted elastic net for prediction of chemosensitivity of cancer cell lines.
      Basu A, Mitra R, Liu H, Schreiber SL, Clemons PA| | View in PubMed
    15. An interactive resource to identify cancer genetic and lineage dependencies targeted by small molecules.
      Basu A, Bodycombe NE, Cheah JH, Price EV, Liu K, Schaefer GI, Ebright RY, Stewart ML, Ito D, Wang S, Bracha AL, Liefeld T, Wawer M, Gilbert JC, Wilson AJ, Stransky N, Kryukov GV, Dancik V, Barretina J, Garraway LA, Hon CS, Munoz B, Bittker JA, Stockwell BR, Khabele D, Stern AM, Clemons PA, Shamji AF, Schreiber SL| | View in PubMed
    16. mChIP-KAT-MS, a method to map protein interactions and acetylation sites for lysine acetyltransferases.
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    17. Computational prediction of lysine acetylation proteome-wide.
      Basu A| | View in PubMed
    18. Proteome-wide prediction of acetylation substrates.
      Basu A, Rose KL, Zhang J, Beavis RC, Ueberheide B, Garcia BA, Chait B, Zhao Y, Hunt DF, Segal E, Allis CD, Hake SB| | View in PubMed
    19. Polycomb Group proteins: an evolutionary perspective.
      Whitcomb SJ, Basu A, Allis CD, Bernstein E| | View in PubMed